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TSM Corporation and Galileo Group, Inc. Initiate Kenya and East Africa Operations

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SOURCE Galileo Group, Inc.

ORLANDO, Fla., July 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- TSM Corporation and Galileo Group, Inc. announced today that they are initiating operations in Kenya and East Africa to provide advanced airborne remote sensing services and completed all-digital informatics products to regional, commercial, and government customers.  Initial focus is on providing hyperspectral imaging for agricultural planning; oil, gas, and minerals detection for exploration; and infrastructure development programs. The information contained in the hyperspectral data contains spectra signatures and key markers used by computer systems to identify specialized targets of interest and trends. The hyperspectral data can also play a key role in monitoring environmental changes and trends.

Hyperspectral imaging is an advanced remote sensing technology typically deployed from aircraft much like a mapping camera, to capture naturally occurring imaging spectra at high spatial and spectral resolution. The high volume data sets are processed and analyzed on the ground to filter, highlight and outline specific targets of interest using advanced targeting algorithms and complex signature libraries. Completed information can then be fused or overlaid by planners to augment other types of mapping and data sets to provide a more comprehensive picture for agriculture, oil, gas, and mineral mapping, and infrastructure planning applications.

Overall project management will be led by TSM.  Galileo Group, utilizing their sensors and systems integrated with local aircraft, will conduct scientific analysis of the hyperspectral data.  To the degree possible, regional researchers and graduate students are planned to assist with longer term airborne and ground collection efforts. All of the data will be stored, processed and analyzed at Galileo Group's primary operations facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, where the raw data and finished results will be made available via a cloud-based dissemination system.

TSM Corporation has aggressively entered the African market, establishing a foothold in East Africa. Ron Roughead, TSM's Director for International Programs, Africa stated, "Kenya was chosen as our point of entry because of its centrality, its forward-looking vision, and its status as a financial hub for East Africa. With carefully selected Kenyan and U.S. partners, we have created the ability to provide insights and hard data that political leaders, corporate leaders, and individual citizens can use in decision making, policy execution, and business planning all to the benefit of local populations.  We know that to accelerate innovation and growth we have to expand the availability and the use of timely and accurate data. Galileo Group, Inc. is a critical part of our effort. We recognize there are linkages among varied political, social, and economic interest groups, and these interests can create cross-functional projects spanning seemingly isolated business sectors from agriculture, health, and development, to security, oil, and gas. We know data matters and the volume, accuracy, and ease of access to data is dependent on technology. With our strategically allied partners, we make tailored data and processes and useful knowledge immediately available to our customers."

"We are providing a quantum leap in cutting edge informatics services and capabilities in the region," said Michael Barnes, Galileo Group CEO.  "Our approach is different. We take the hard part, the vast data sets, the signature libraries, the algorithms we have developed, all the key raw data that transforms to understandable and actionable information sets on a large scale. We then present and integrate finished results in a manner with existing GIS and database systems so that African regional users and customers may use and interact with the finished all-digital data at new levels of detail. Our goal is simple: Maintain a physical presence in-country for mission and sensor operations while establishing and providing access to our virtual collaborative network or simply delivering completed detection reports for commercial customers. There is a vast amount of information that can be made available using current 21st century level computational technologies to map, render, and apply advanced mathematical visualization models that have practical use across these sectors. We will include local talent in our mission operations while growing and fostering regional technical capability for the long haul. As an adjunct to our commercial revenue goals, we also plan to donate environmental data sets to regional universities and interested researchers to help understand and manage the impact of global warming effects and long term change on the environment and agriculture. Managing this sort of large scale but detailed information from these various sensor modalities, comprehensively balancing nature, resources and infrastructure, is key to empowerment in an increasingly resource-challenged world. East Africa represents an ideal opportunity to apply that concept to the benefit of the people and customers involved."

About TSM Corporation (www.tsmcorporation.com)
At TSM Corporation we approach every client with our reputation for credibility, trust, and competence.  Since 1978, TSM has provided the government sector and private industry with unparalleled logistics, engineering, training, and technical systems support.  With our past experience, collaborative expertise, and East Africa's private sector prospects TSM has optimized the fusion of opportunity and growth.  Our motivations are simple:

  • Provide growth by unlocking the true value of African markets.
  • Participate in projects that have real and positive impact on people and communities through strong partnerships with Africans.
  • Assist political and business leaders with policy decisions through access to better data and knowledge.
  • Establish TSM as a competitive player as Africa forms its foundation to build global markets and political influences.

About Galileo Group (www.galileo-gp.com)
Galileo Group, Inc. is an advanced technology company specializing in applied hyperspectral imaging.  The technology was initially developed for U.S. government applications such as detecting various ground targets through aerial reconnaissance.  Galileo is focused on expanding its products and services using its proven hyperspectral imaging technology.  The company has transitioned its imaging technology from government to commercial applications in the course of sixteen years of continuous business operations.  This turnkey detection capability includes the digital extraction and analysis of spectral signatures, or "natural" bar codes, for applications such as environmental, mineral, oil and gas exploration and emerging biotechnology markets.  Galileo also performs airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) and data fusion services on a global deployment basis.  In addition to its commercial work, the company regularly donates select hyperspectral data sets to science researchers and institutional educations committed to environmental research and climate change studies. 

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